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Emel Consulting (EC) is a leading nonprofit strategy and impact organization.

We See… A World ...where all social change solutions produce real and lasting positive change outcomes…

At EC, We embrace participatory and evidence-based methodologies so that every contribution we make to our clients is well-thought, welcomed by those that matter, and easy to carry forward to produce results. We partner for social good. 

Serving Nonprofit Executives & Program Leaders

Everyday, we help executives and program leaders in small and mid-sized nonprofits become more strategic, thrive, manage their teams, and deliver results.

Inspiring Innovative Solutions – Designed & Done Right!

We are passionate about making every social good effort count. We believe that real and lasting change outcomes require Innovative Solutions that are Designed Right and Done Right!

Fostering Learning, Credibility & Financial Stability

We help nonprofits make proof of impact, learn from outcomes, demonstrate credibility, and become financially stable – because More Money Means More Good.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

EC Consultants are motivated by realities of the constantly changing social, economic, and political challenges that plague our world.​​​​​​​ We are inspired by the amazing and selfless service our clients offer to address these problems despite the numerous challenges they face.

We See A World…

…where great business ideas and social change solutions deliver results and produce lasting positive change outcomes…

We Work to…

Promote Program & Organizational Effectiveness via Strategic Thinking

Facilitate development of Social Good Program Strategies that are Evidence-based and sustainable

Foster Learning, Improvement, and Accountability in our clients

We Commit to..

Listen to All Ideas. Small Ideas Can Birth Great Impact

Prioritize the long-term over short term. Instant gratifications are good, but long term thinking and rewards are better.

Think Differently. We build on evidence but are bold to challenge the status-quo.

Give Our Best and Give You Results. It’s the bottom line.


Everyone needs a helping hand occasionally, and we’re here to help you make the world a better place for everyone. We exist to give you one less item to worry about. We are solid partners for success!

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