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I'm Dr. Chinonso Nnorom. I help business and nonprofit leaders think strategically, produce authentic results, maximize impact and grow their organizations in minimum time.

I also lead the dream team here at EmelConsulting.

I love Jesus, value people, and cherish family. I'll be delighted to meet you and possibly help you take your project or organization to the next level!

About Dr. Chinonso Nnorom

Dr. Chinonso Nnorom is the managing consultant at EmelConsulting in Austin Texas where she provides executive coaching, strategic management, research and program development services for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations.

She fell in love with this assignment while working for the United Nations and a couple other large international development organization in the US and abroad. She worked to strengthen the capacity of leaders and frontline managers of small and mid-sized organizations. Although she enjoyed connecting with the creativity, drive and energy these organizations had, she was often disturbed by the frustrations they faced daily – because they were not able to produce authentic results and maximize their impact.

Dr. Nnorom now help businesses and nonprofit leaders think strategically, achieve maximum results and grow their organizations in minimum time - and she has been at it for almost 20 years.

Served with several organizations in the US and abroad including the United Nations System

Prior to providing leadership to the team at Emel Consulting, Dr. Nnorom served in partnerships development, institutional strengthening and research capacity for several community-based and international nonprofits and agencies in the US and abroad - including the United Nations Joint Program for HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), ActionAid International, `Population Action International and URC-CHS .

During her career, Dr. Nnorom managed program budgets worth over 70 million dollars, designed and implemented 15 community-based programs and research projects - including needs assessments, gap analysis, and capability assessments, and delivered several training.

She also spent a large chunk of time helping executives set up systems that work and lead strategically. She facilitated developments of over 10 government and nonprofit strategic plans, operational plans and budgets, and have provided executive coaching to 5 nonprofit and business executives.

Managed over 70 million dollar program budget, facilitated development of multiple strategic plans, coached business & Nonprofit executives

After graduating from the University of Ibadan with a Masters in Public Health, Chinnie (as she is fondly called), attended the Doctoral program in Public Health Leadership at Walden University Minnesota, USA.

In 2019, she completed the University of Texas Austin's business plan writing course while concurrently achieving her certification in strategy execution from the Brightline Initiative.

Currently an adjunct instructor with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), she teaches courses in planning, program evaluation, and social and behavior change to executives in both the private and nonprofit sectors.

Life Outside Practice and Teaching

As an author, Dr. Nnorom has published over 10 articles on business strategy execution, planning, program design, and outcomes measurement, and is currently preparing training courses on these topics.

When not teaching or running her practice, she guides the shoreline small group for women in business as their founder and director - a faith-based accelerator program that helps women transform their business and social good ideas to 6-figure businesses and nonprofit organizations respectively.

She'll be delighted to meet you.

I'll be delighted to meet you.




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