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Monitoring Evaluation & Learning

Monitoring Evaluation & Learning System

Our team of MEL specialists will lead your custom-built monitoring, evaluation and learning system using best-practices and practical tools, so your team can track, analyze, report and use M&E findings to improve program processes, demonstrate outcome, and attract funding.

What You Can Expect

Log Frame/Theory of Change Assessment: Reach consensus on why the program was created, what the goals are, and how the goals will be achieved. Determine what all the activities, outputs and outcomes are. If this is absent, our experts will work with your team to create one.

Indicators & Measurement Strategy: We’ll work with your team to determine which indicators to use to measure the success of your program. We’ll identify Indicators for each level of your program – outputs, outcomes and goals. And define how your indicators will be measured.

Tools & Responsibilities, Data Flow, Learning Pathways: Create tools to measure your indicators. Define responsibilities, data flow and management. Determine learning pathways for your evaluation findings. Put the pieces together into our software that is practical, implementable, and easily managed and monitored.


Greater understanding of where your organization is and where it’s headed. You’ll have a clear picture of your goals and whether you’re meeting them or not.

Assurance that dollars are being allocated correctly. Good MEL system will allow you to track your top key performance indicators, measures, objectives, etc., and ensure that they are in line with your strategy – so that you can be sure that you’re spending money in the right places.

Enhanced accountability, Credibility with donors. With everything being transparent, you can have open and frank conversations needed to affect change. Donors can trust your organization with repeat funding to allow you get more done.
Fresh thinking & New Learning: within your organizations and contacts with external stakeholders. New learning inspired by findings from M&E activities.

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