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Program Design & Development

Program Design

Our team of program planning facilitators will lead your custom-built program design and implementation plan using best-practices and practical tools so your programs are easy to implement and make impact in communities you serve.

What You Can Expect

Needs/Asset Assessments: Articulate desired results for your program, prioritize among behavioral, enviromental barriers (based on needs assessment findings), explain factors that fuel barriers. Explain the administrative and policy factors that influence what can be implemented in a program related to this issue.

Solid Theoretical Foundation: Our team of experts will design your program with the most appropriate theoretical framework, along with solid justification, and application strategy

Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics: SMART goals and objectives – justified with data from needs assessments. strategies for engaging your target population – including communications and culturally appropriate strategies and Intervention activities. We’ll also complement this with a clearly presented program logic model

Cultural Competence /Equity: We design your program to reflect good practice in cultural competence and equity


Impact Guaranteed: Since our experts design programs that are based on actual needs of the communities you want to serve, sound theories and what’s been proven to work, your programs have a high chance of making impact.

Focusing on what matters: The programs we help you design have very clear pathways for implementation. So you can just focus on doing what will help you achieve your goals

Ownership & Authenticity: When you work with us, We commit and invest in walking alongside your mission and vision and goals. Our job is to help you tap into the deep knowledge you already possess regarding your organization and its constituents. We’re not just experts coming in to tell you what to do. We are fellow professionals with the added experience and skills to help you ask the right questions and find the best solutions. 

Credibility with Donors. More Funding: Our well designed programs will help your donors see that you know where you are going and how to get there. They’ll be inspired to support your cause.

Convinced? Let’s Get Started.