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Research And Data Analysis

Research Design/Proposal Development/ Implementation

Our team of research experts will lead your custom-built research design and implementation plan using best-practices and practical tools so your research is easy to implement, and make authentic contribution to existing body of knowledge.

What You Can Expect

Extensive Literature Review: A comprehensive research summary that highlights the purpose, methods, finding and gaps in previous studies relevant to your research interest.

Solid Theoretical Foundation: Our team of experts will design your research with the most appropriate theoretical framework, along with solid justification, and application strategy

Research Goals & Specific Objectives: A well articulated research purpose, Goals, objectives, and hypothesis- justified with data from literature review.

Research Methods: An appropriate design, sampling and participant recruitment strategy, instrumentation, data collection technique and analysis plan. We guaranty research methods based on good practice, findings from literature review, practicability, and sound ethical considerations.
Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting & Publication: Quality assured data, analysis using appropriate software, concise report that highlight key findings, recommendations and implication for practice . Our team will also help you publish if needed.


Approval Guaranteed: Since our experts design programs that are based on an extensive literature search, sound theories and what’s been proven to work, your proposals have a high chance of getting approved or receiving grants.

Easy implementation: The proposals we help you design have very clear pathways for implementation. So you can just jump in to collect data and analyze them.

Ownership & Authenticity: When you work with us, We commit and invest in walking alongside your research irritation, curiosity and goals. We’re not just experts coming in to tell you what to do. We are fellow professionals with the added experience and skills to help you ask the right questions and articulate your thoughts in compelling ways. 

Good research: if you have a good research proposal, it means that you are going to carry out a good research. A bad and low-quality research proposal may be the reason your research will never start. You can count on getting a good research.

Appropriate referencing style: Our research experts will draft your proposal or research report with in-text citations and end -references as per your preferred referencing style – including APA, Chicago e.t.c


How We Work

We are flexible and try to meet clients where they are. No need to pay for what you don’t need


Do it for you: Work with you to start and complete the project 

Coach You: Check-in with you often to guide and advise you as needed.

Alarcate: Coach you a little and implement some pieces of your research project.

Edit: You’ve done the hard work. We’ll proofread, and edit for grammar, spelling, style, and technical content.


Academic Capstones & Dissertations

Operational/Systems Research

Needs Assessments/Market Research/Board Assessments. 

Feasibility Studies

Literature Reviews

Systematic Reviews

…And Our Research Team is Great At…

Quantitative Methods

DescriptiveCorrelational, Causal-Comparative/QuasiExperimental.

Qualitative Methods

Phenomenology,  Ethnography, Grounded theory, Case study .

Mixed Methods

Sequential Explanatory Design, Sequential Exploratory Design, Concurrent Triangulation Design.

Convinced? Let’s Get Started.