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Invoice Date July 3, 2019
Due Date July 8, 2019
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Nadafarm bv.

Nadafarm bv. Jacob marisstraat 46, 3314tk, dordrecht. The Netherlands

Custom-built research design and implementation using best-practices and practical tools so that research is easy to implement, and findings make authentic contributions to the existing body of knowledge and provide solid evidence for practice.

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1 Pre- Research Phase

Scope of Services:
Conduct research to identify two potential datasets for secondary analysis related to medical cannabis/marijuana in the United States
Obtain access to dataset from relevant gatekeepers
Propose five research questions/topics for consideration by the customer
Hold three-hour coaching session via Skype - split into three one-hour sessions or one 3-hour session - based on the preference of the customer.

Sub Total $1,200.00
Tax $82.80
Total Due $1,282.80