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Strategy Planning and Execution

Employee Insight Assessment

We’ll help you do a strategic analysis with custom questions developed into a survey that helps gather insight from board members, managers, and key staff.

What You Can Expect

Tailored questions: based on our expertise in strategy to solicit valuable input from your board members, directors, managers, and/or key staff.

Short anonymous survey: We’ll distribute your survey via an email link to a list of specified participants. Surveys take approximately 30 minutes and can be completed anonymously.

Analysis & Reporting: Answers are aggregated into a final report and SWOT analysis clearly identifying key strategic topics and ways to take action.


Understand perspectives of your board members, directors, managers, and key staff and get them directly involved in the strategic planning process.

Approach strategic topics realistically with stakeholders while acknowledging strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a straightforward, data-reinforced way.

Use findings to better understand stakeholder perspective and more effectively communicate opportunities to the larger organization

Meeting Facilitation 4 Strategic Planning

Our team of strategic planning facilitators will lead your custom-built strategy session using best-practices, practical tools, and hands-on exercises so your team is collaborative and aligned during the entire strategic planning process.

What You Can Expect

Articulate mission and vision: Reach consensus on why the organization exists, determine its primary focus, identify its values, and create a picture of what success will look like

Agree on priorities: Identify the broad approaches (strategies) for addressing critical issues and the results to be sought via (long-term and short-term) objectives and goals.

Organize the plan: Put the pieces together into one coherent document that is practical, implementable, and easily managed and monitored.


Focusing on what matters: Based on years of experience our team will guide yours to identify strategic decisions that are central to achieving your vision.

Create clarity: Through a practical, simple approach, you will develop a plan that creates clarity and consensus across the whole organization.

Increased commitment and accountability:  No one wants a plan that sits on the shelf. Using EmelConsulting and our expert strategists, you will create a process to monitor your plan on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Strategy Execution (SE)

Our experienced Strategy Execution team will use best practices with simple practical tools to inspire you to make the constants investments in management, resources, people and culture – needed to turn your strategies into reality.

What You Can Expect

SE Capability Diagnosis: Based on our expertise in strategy execution – we determine barriers to effective strategy execution across seven domains: strategy, governance, structure, process, culture, people, and technology. We fish out the loose or absent knots.

SE Tactics: Identify and prioritize clear & actionable approaches and tactics for addressing critical barriers identified and the results to be sought via (long-term and short-term) objectives and goals.

SE Accountability System: Agree on roles and leads for SE targets lead, tracking, and reward mechanisms.

Ongoing Strategy Execution Coaching/Mentoring for SE leads Receive ongoing support and answers to burning questions from our SE experts. They also get free access to monthly training, webinars and support group.


Laser-like Focus: You not only know why your strategy is not getting implemented. You know exactly what to do to make it work. You feel inspired to do what it takes.

Clarity: Through our practical & simple approach, everyone in your organization gets clarity on how they can advance your organization’s strategy and take action towards same.

Increased commitment and accountability:  No more expecting strategy execution to be championed from the top, or from the bottom. Everyone is excited to take action on your strategic plan

Your Strategic Plan NOW Work: Finally, all that money spent on strategic planning can now count for something. Your strategic plan can jump out from the shelf or your desk top to get on everyone’s daily “To-Do” list.

Business Plan for Start-Ups

We’ll help you create a simple but complete business plan for your new nonprofit organization so you can focus on what matters most and start making accomplishments quickly.

What You Can Expect

Needs/Asset Assessments: based on our expertise in strategy we assess the social problem, barriers and opportunities in your target population.

Program Plan: We’ll design programs with interventions that are measurable, sustainable and based on evidence, sound theory and best practices.

Budgeting and Financial projections that reflect start-up needs and anticipate future demands. .


Start-up is based on solid evidence that demonstrate needs and attract funding

Efficiency & results: Programs are set to deliver results, and you know what to focus on first.

Readiness: You’re equipped and ready to tackle the demands of your startup and build a thriving organization.

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