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What We Do

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… helping you take your team, program, business or organization to the next level.

Conducting Community and Organizational Assessments, Research & Data Analysis

We assess community needs and stakeholder perspectives that help organizations figure out how they can be most successful at expanding impact and thriving. We also design and develop ground breaking research that deliver evidence to inform social change interventions.

Stakeholder research including interviews, focus groups, and surveys

Community needs assessments, demographic profiles and community scans, asset and fiscal mapping

Best practice research and analysis

Organizational capacity needs and employee assessments

Research Design, data collection & analysis.

Facilitating Growth and Strategic Decision Making

We help mission-driven organizations figure out what priorities to focus on, put policies and procedures in place, strengthen their board, make programs self-sustain and create pathways for the future.

Developing organizational growth strategy and decision making criteria

Sustainability and development planning

Strengths-focused executive decision making and coaching.

Capacity development planning

Exploring partnerships, mergers and collaborations

Project design and implementation, Operational design

Fostering Evidence Based Programs Through Program Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability

We help high-impact organizations know what works and what doesn’t, learn from setbacks and maximize their strengths. We help them generate data to demonstrate that their services are delivering results, create evidence-based programs, earn the trust of funders, and get repeat donations.

Developing internal monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning systems.

Conducting Mid and end-of-project evaluation

Developing Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability Plans (Pre and Post – project kick-off, and for grant proposals).

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